Sherbrooke Business

This tool allows you to access the list of industrial and B2B (Business to business) businesses found on the Sherbrooke territory. Searches can be made by business name or type of products or services, or by using one of the scroll-down menus available. Please note that commercial and B2C (Business to consumer) businesses are not included in this directory, but can be found on Commerce Sherbrooke’s website.

(1) In this search tool, a business can be listed in more than one key sector. For example, a business developing software with applications in the health sector will be found both in the ICT and the Life Sciences key sectors. Research results should thus not be used for statistical purposes.

(2) Only manufacturing businesses, wholesale distributors and some B2B businesses are listed, which are identified by the following codes: 23, 31 to 33, 51 to 54, 56, 41 to 49, and 61. Other sectors can be found on Commerce Sherbrooke’s website.